Month In Review: March


March was not nearly as eventful as February (read about that whirlwind on a month). I blogged a little, worked a little, oh and we got a puppy! Aside from our spontaneous purchase not too much went on from my end.

I’ve started getting a more consistent post schedule going, so this month was not flooded with content. However, with fewer posts, I try my best to create the best content for my readers. Here’s a summary of what I released for you to indulge in this month.


March 3pexels-photo-128458.jpegI found ten reasons why recovery is worth it.

March 5IMG_2690I answered all of your inpatient and/or residential treatment questions.

March 12pexels-photo-568027.jpegI got real and truthful when talking about the recovery process.

March 13NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, THE WORLD ITSELF SAYS _I'M POSSIBLE_.-AUDREY HEPBURN1 copy 8I gave you a collection of inspiring quotes that I’ve acquired over the years.

March 15IMG_1806I shed light on the falsity of what you see on social media. 

March 17IMG_9313I wrote a much needed, and long overdue, apology to my body.

March 21img_7001
I shared my favorite food choices currently and how they fit into my meal plan.

March 25

I discussed nine things that bother those living with mental illness.

Now onto my personal life.

I’m sorry to say but it has been quite uneventful.

I have been working two to three days a week for my dad’s office. I do very boring office work like filing papers and scanning documents ( :/ ).

When I’m not at work, my days are filled with relaxation and a few appointments. I see my dietician and therapist each once a week.

Things are going well in terms of keeping my eating disorder behaviors at a low. I’m still completing 100% of my meal plan and have been behavior free this whole month.

In the middle of March, my family decided, spontaneously, to get a puppy.  My mom and I drove a total of fourteen hours over the span of two days.

We picked up the cutest wheaten terrier puppy and named him Sam.


Here he is with our older dog, Frodo. (If any of you are into Lord of the Rings you’ll understand the name choices).

I spend lots of time with the puppy, keeping a close eye on him and doing my best to keep him from peeing all over our house.

All in all, March was one of the best months that I’ve had in some time. I spent lots of time with family and bettering myself each and every day.




What did you do this month? Tell me in the comments below!

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