More About Me

If you’re one of my regular followers, or not, I’m sure you’re itching to know at least a little bit more about myself. You can visit my about page but it really doesn’t give you much of my personal information, simply about my blog. As a writer it is important that my readers know about my personal life. It gives you insight into my interests and daily life.

Let’s start from the beginning. I was born to two wonderful parents in 1997. My whole life I’ve grown up in a northwest suburb of Chicago. For personal reasons, I won’t disclose the name of the town but if you’re that curious I’m sure you could find it somewhere on Google.

I always say that my town is a bubble. I grew up very sheltered from the real world. I never knew what poverty was and I am very fortunate for that. My parents provided me with a wonderful childhood and gave me the world.

They also gave me two younger brothers. We are 2 and 4 years apart. I practically raised my youngest brother. As a child when he cried and my mom tried to comfort him, he would run to me instead. Even though he’s in his cranky teenage years, the two of us have a very special bond and are still close to this day.

Growing up I played almost every sport imaginable. Softball, tennis, horseback riding, and many more. No matter what sport I tried I could never seem to find my niche. However I was always confident that I belonged in the medical field. As a child I would play doctor with all of my dolls lined up as patients. I specifically remember in fourth grade reading, and attempting to memorize, my grandpa’s college level anatomy textbook. Obviously I failed miserably but I enjoyed every minute of it. My passions continued, receiving dissection kits for the holidays and researching rare diseases for fun. To this day I am still very passionate about medicine.

In fact, I am studying nutritional sciences and on the pre-medical track at Michigan State University. I was in the midst of my junior year, and half-way through my biochemistry course (sigh), before taking medical leave to seek treatment for my eating disorder. I hope to go to medical school one day, pending I make it through college in one piece.

Now that I am no longer in intensive treatment, I have lots of free time on my hands. I would consider myself a grandma, living the lavish old person lifestyle. I go to bed by 9:30 pm and wake up at the a** crack of dawn. I spend my days crocheting, baking, and running errands. Sometimes I even go to my mom’s canasta group with her. Do I sound like a grandma to you yet? Once I get back on my feet I will be starting work at my dad’s office. But for now I have all the time in the world to spend as I please (binge-watching Glee).

I am a coffee enthusiast and am practically a zombie without my daily dose of caffeine. My favorite color is black, which you’ll quickly find out from the looks of my wardrobe. I have a pet guinea pig named Lincoln (pictures to come) and my house is practically a zoo. We all together have a dog, lizard, snake, guinea pig, two turtles, and a fish. If you can’t tell my family loves animals. And on that note I am a pescatarian, meaning I eat fish but do not consume meat or poultry products. But yes, I do eat dairy and eggs. Oh and my favorite accessories are glasses; I have at least five pairs.

Now that you know me, I’d love to get to know you. Shoot me a message here or leave a comment below.


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